Teaching experience

The Hebrew University – Hadassah Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine - The International Master of Public Health (IMPH) Program

1993 – 2016 Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Rates and Proportions, Logistic Regression.

2009 – 2016 Basic Statistics – Descriptive Statistics and Statistical Inference.

1990 – 2008 Statistical Inference.

1983 – 1988 Statistical Inference.

1990 – 2004 SPSS Use of a Computer Statistical Software.

1984 – 1988 SPSS Use of a Computer Statistical Software.

The Hebrew University – Hadassah Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine - Master of Public Health (MPH) program

1994 – 1997 Statistical Inference (in Hebrew).

1984 – 1987 SPSS Use of a Computer Statistical Software.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – School of Library, Archive and Information Studies

1991 – 2004 Statistics – Descriptive Statistics and Statistical Inference. (in Hebrew).

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Department of Economics

1972 – 1976 Statistics for students of Economics (in Hebrew)

Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Beer Sheva

1971 – 1972 Introduction to Statistics (in Hebrew).

Transcript of comments by students

  • He is very simple, clear and patient. He has a great sense of humor and he has a very, very, “big heart” (translated=very warm, generous, accommodating, happy and gives happiness). I vote him teacher of the year.
  • The course as well as the teacher – was among the best.
  • The course turned out to be fun! What a pleasure to learn with such a teacher.
  • Excellent! An instructor who teaches at the class level instead of his own – rare these days.
  • An extremely well presented course.
  • Excellent teacher…the first person ever to make stats fun, understandable and almost easy.
  • I do remark the enjoyable way of teaching such a difficult subject to teach.
  • The teacher was excellent. The time given was a bit short for the course.
  • Excellent tutor – clear and interesting. Not enough time to assimilate new and difficult material.
  • I’m not that good in math and this is my first experience to have extensive studies on statistics, but I have learned a lot from the course especially sampling and analyzing data/terms in research study which are very much helpful in my present work. I enjoyed statistics with Dr. Baras very much!

Students from the MPH class 2010 – 2011, at the end of the 1st semester:

  • Mario Baras made statistics very easy to understand. He gives questions careful consideration, even preparing explanations for more complicated questions and printing them out for us. He makes amazing jokes and keeps our attention well. He has a unique ability to communicate complicated concepts. He went out of his way to help us doing well by preparing homework assignments, grading them in a timely manner, and going over them in class when he noted confusion. He has offered to meet with us when we needed extra help and would identify our weaknesses and make sure to allocate more time to those concepts. He is by far the best statistics professor I have had.
  • I feel so fortunate to have learned statistics under Professor Baras' watchful eye. I must confess, that I have always had a tremendous loathe and aversion for the subject matter. However, due to Professor Baras' kind and nurturing manner, I am hoping to continue my statistics education next semester. Thank you.
  • Content: Statistics in my opinion can be difficult to understand, however, with Professor Baras, it was one of my best experiences and one of the courses I enjoyed the most. The content was well and extensively covered, complimented splendidly well, with the Professor's style, of focusing and emphasizing on the theory and application of the statistical analysis, as opposed to only the technical bit of the calculation.
  • The course was well organized, with the Professor developing ideas progressively, building up from simple to more complex matter. in addition, he prepared well, presentations, assignments, which gave me an opportunity to assess my understanding. The professor was very approachable to answer questions, clarify items.
  • I could not say enough to express how much I enjoyed the course, how I found it beneficial, and how I think it will be applicable for me.
  • My only recommendation would be to give the course more time, to cover more statistical analysis tools, and to allow students more time to learn from Professor Baras.
  • Dr. Baras is a fantastic teacher and I feel very lucky to have had him for statistics. Having never taken a course in statistics previously, I was terrified of this course. Mario taught the course in a very structured way that introduced tough material gradually. He was always willing to go over material a second time individually or with the class and would conduct reviews on his own if he saw that people were struggling. Everyone in the class was appreciative of the time and effort that he put into our class.
  • An excellent statistics tutor who made the course as simple as it could be made even for people who are not so much inclined mathematically.
  • Dr. Baras is a good teacher! I want to attend his elective course on statistics next semester!
  • I like the course and the Prof. so much! This course linked what I learnt before perfectly!
  • Professor Baras is a wonderful instructor. He knows how to convey a seemingly uninteresting topic in an interesting, more exciting way. He relates to students well and is open to answering any of our questions. He is patient and takes his time to explain concepts. He also takes initiative to revisit areas that we need help on....rather than waiting until we approach him for help. This is much appreciated and very helpful.
  • A combination of power point, typed material and exercises constitute a magic bullet for Statistics. Of course with M. Baras shooting.
  • It has been a very easy way of adult learning and I loved it Professor Baras made me love quantitative analysis, which i must confess wasn't my strong point! His style, ease and tailored content gave me confidence and I really appreciate the experience I gained in this course! And also, he is a very hilarious man! We all enjoyed his jokes!
  • Although the subject is difficult and I expect to find it difficult to prepare for it, he gave us ALL the tools needed to understand the topic. His lectures are clear and systematic. His powerpoint presentations/handouts are wonderful, he is a great teacher and very approachable and very good-natured and funny as well. He has the best mix to make a drab subject interesting and I think everyone in the class enjoyed his class, even despite tiredness, sickness and difficulty of the subject.
  • Excellent lecturer! Excellent course!!!
  • He is extremely funny and has the ability to make us understand extremely boring concepts in the most interesting manner.
  • I would really like to thank Prof. Baras for his excellent class. Best stats lecturer ever!
  • Well planned, structured, entertaining, student-based and I found it useful but additional courses such as analysis of categorical data and sampling techniques, sample size determination should be included for future students. And the course full.
  • My good Teacher. Highly intelligent.
  • Mario is the best! He's the most interesting and engaging math teacher I've ever had, he loves the subject matter, he loves his students, and he knows how to explain things clearly. I'll never become a statistician, and I have no idea how I'll be able to perform on the final, but Mario has done his best to prepare this math-phobe for the exam.
  • Professor Baras not only delivered the material in an easy to understand manner; he was also very organized and added humor that brought the extra in understanding statistics.
  • He built up the content from the simple concepts to more complex items, in a systematic way; but beyond the technical portion of analysis, I appreciated his approach in that he linked this with the theory and practice as applicable in Public health.
  • Excellent Tutor.
  • This subject was inherently confusing to me, but Mario was a great teacher. His lectures were impeccably timed and incredibly clear.
  • Dr. Baras is a good teacher! I want to attend his elective course on statistics next semester!
  • Professor Baras somehow knows how to make a difficult topic more manageable and enjoyable. His class is perfectly structured and organized as are his Powerpoint notes he prints for us. The notes/packets are straight-forward, well-developed and extremely helpful tools in understanding the concepts.
  • Please see comments for his other course. In general, he is a great teacher and everything was wonderful in this and the other course. I have no complaints.
  • Thanks very much Prof. Baras!!!
  • God Bless Dr. Baras

Students of the International MPH class 2011 – 2012 evaluating the course Basic Statistics that included Descriptive Statistics and Statistical Inference:

  • זו הפעם השלישית שאני מנסה ללמוד סטטיסטיקה --- והפעם יש סיכוי להבין את זה באמת!!!!! מורה מעולה.
  • Favorite course!
  • Statistics needs more time...Mario made it easier for me!
  • M. Baras was a wonderful teacher. He made the course interesting and fun!
  • The way the course thought was very good. The exercises were very helpful. I suggest that the questions that arise from the students to be addressed well by the instructor.
  • The course was difficult in of itself and although we had lecture handouts and a textbook they did not correspond with each other quite well. It would have made more sense to proceed in the same direction as the text so that we could follow along as we studied the lectures. The professor covered all the materials and was always prepared with handouts of what we were to cover which was very helpful. The homework assignments were good practice. I would have liked to have a midterm to be able to assess myself halfway through the semester. Additionally, it was hard for me to relate statistics and SPSS...perhaps they could have been more "on the same page"
  • Professor is among the best. The way he teach, from the very basic things was very nice. The exercises really helped to practice.
  • Only Mario Baras could make statistical inference fun. His jokes are always a fantastic way of holding the students attention and he is passionate about his subject, a necessary quality of any math/stats teacher. His lectures were clear and his slides helpful to review when doing class assignments. His assignments were appropriately reflective of the course material and a good way to review. I love Prof. Baras!!!
  • Absolutely delightful teacher and always ready to help
  • The course is very important and required at this level. I am not sure that one would be able to keep up without a statistics background with the way the lecturer delivered the course material.

Students of the International MPH class 2014 – 2015 evaluating the course Basic Statistics that included Descriptive Statistics and Statistical Inference:

  • A good sense of humor. Even the most difficult concepts are easy to grasp when presented in a fun way. He knows how to spice up the class.
  • Classes are very straight forward.
  • Does not use mathematical notation which is good for students with no background in mathematics or statistics.
  • The presentations provide the most relevant information for the course. He is a very generous teacher, he tries to understand student's problem and gives his time as much as you want to sort it with him.
  • No matter if stats sometimes can be boring Prof. Baras makes it really interesting.
  • Great sense of humor. Excellent teacher. Looks old but very young. Great resource. Very organized in his methods and systems.
  • Knows how to teach math than any teacher I ever taught by
  • Lecturer has charisma and this helps a lot
  • Knowledgeable, passionate, funny!
  • He is so careful, I mean he cares about his student.
  • Great lecture with a lot of intelligence and patience. the material is comprehensive. impeccable cheer and engaging in class. nice examples of out of class real judge examples.
  • Beneficial handouts and intensive explanation of the concepts.

Students of the International MPH class 2015 – 2016 evaluating the course Basic Statistics that included Descriptive Statistics and Statistical Inference:

  • Wonderful professor who clearly conveys concepts and patiently explains the mathematics.
  • Excellent teacher.
  • The course is great for me. The tutor is well organized. Enough time is given for take home assignments which is great.
  • Extra-ordinary in all aspects
  • The Lecturer is very passionate about his role as a teacher. His teaching modes, notes, and exercises are very relevant and assisted a lot in the course delivery.
  • Overall - Excellent.
  • Well-structured and organized. Important with exercises every week to make sure the student do not fall out.
  • The teaching methods are and clear and understandable. The print out materials are great to work with and helps with the studies.
  • Weekly assignments are very good for more practice for us students and in grasping the concepts better.
  • Good explanation, and homework really helps to understand and apply.
  • Dr Baras has a good command of the course and is able to communicate the difficult concepts with humor and clarity.
  • Enjoyed the course.
  • Lectures were very interesting and the lecturer was very nice. I learned many things. After I go back home, I think I will apply many knowledge and skills learned here to my life and my work.

Students of the International MPH class 2014 – 2015 evaluating the course Rates: Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Rates and Proportions:

  • The teacher was available for all the classes including an unscheduled session that was requested for by the students. He presents statistical methods in an intellectually challenging but understandable ways. He answers students' questions with supportive arguments allowing discussions during the lectures to develop concepts. I wish that one day i will have the in depth knowledge and understanding of statistical methods that the teacher has. He is a gem and I am honored to have learnt from him.
  • Professor Baras was an excellent instructor. Not only were his lectures clear and comprehensive, but he took time to modify the content based on our feedback to make them interactive. I attended the extra help session (taught by Ms. Bdolah) and wanted to tell Mario after that although some people asked her to review the linear regressions, I personally thought it was not necessary as he had already done a wonderful job explaining the functions clearly.
  • Absolutely mind blowing.

Students of the International MPH class 2015 – 2016 evaluating the course Statistical Methods for the Analysis of Rates and Proportions.

  • Covered important topics.
  • Structure was tailored to our needs. Tutoring and level of the course was satisfactory. Assignments were necessary and made sure we understood the concepts.
  • New tools learnt.
  • Clear description of concepts.
  • Goes into what most students need for the thesis, how to use it in SPSS and interpretation is important.
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